Boxed in

Out and about with our local photographer and train enthusiast Rob Coles who has been exploring things beyond the boundaries of Bath.

“Yesterday I went to meet a friend from a London train at Chippenham. 

 We missed each other, so I had time to look around the station.   It was immaculate (although Bath station is always smart and spotless)  with a beautiful painted and restored small booking hall. 

The footbridge stair rails also caught my eye they were a simplified version of the Sydney Gardens footbridge rails.  

Twenty minutes of free parking at the station and then two hours of free on-street parking so I went to the big Tesco and Wilkinsons.  I found it all so easy that I nearly spent £500 on a new computer! A very different world to Bath, but I don’t think I will move.

On the way back I noticed that the view of Box tunnel from the viewing point was almost totally obscured by vegetation.”

I wonder if that’s an issue every summer Rob? Is it Network Rail or some local enterprising resident who could take on the job of improving the view?! Thank you – once again – for your photos.