Spare our trees say residents.

Photos:James Thorne

Concern is being expressed by residents living near Bath’s famous Royal Crescent, about pruning work being carried out to trees lining a pathway beneath the Lawn.

James Thorne writes:

“I thought you might be as dismayed as I am to see the damage that has been done today to two of the ancient trees along the walkway below the Royal Crescent Lower Lawn.

I am on the Marlborough Lane and Buildings Residents Association Committee and have participated in a couple of meetings to discuss arrangements for the upcoming Michael Bublé concerts on 15 and 16/7, with the organisers, BANES Parks/Conservation etc.

When I raised concerns about large vehicles driving along the Gravel Walk for the set-up, we were assured that just a very few branches would have to be pruned.

In what seems like Administration gone mad, the tree surgeons have been instructed to remove all branches facing the Royal Crescent up to a height of 5 meters. The impact on the two trees that were worked on today is substantial, unsightly and sadly irreversible.

We are trying to save the remaining trees along the Gravel Walk before it is too late and would be grateful for any support from your side.”

James l took this up with Keith Rower who is the Parks and Greenspaces Team Manager for B&NES. He told me:

“I’ve discussed this with our tree manager and she is currently in the middle of responding to the concerns of the residents, however, the gist of the discussion is that the tree works carried out here are routine works.

Whilst it was recommended the canopies were raised 1m higher than is generally carried out over footpaths for the vehicles for the Michael Buble concert, (as usually it’s 4m above ground level), it is a widely accepted practice to remove lower branches.

This routine work will not have caused damage to the tree as has been carried out in accordance with BS3998 2010 Tree Work Recommendations. The tree will respond well to this work and will no doubt produce regrowth over this season and future years.”

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  1. This sadly neglected, one lovely walk now looks awful.. much of the blame must go to residents who have allowed their contractors drive along and park along the gravel walk. This never used to be allowed. As a result the Gravel name should be changed to Mud Alley now.

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