The dead flowers from around the top of the Laura Place Fountain have been removed. Are we finally about to see water flowing again?

Maybe not says David Greenwood who writes to tell me:

“The dried flowers may have gone ….but I fear that the fountain will not be up and running anytime soon.

Over four weeks ago two guys came to Laura Place and lifted two newly-laid paving slabs, breaking one in the process.

These give access to the cables for the fountain leading into the green box. Nothing, absolutely nothing has happened since they came. A complete disgrace that nobody seems to take responsibility for.”


  1. Hi Richard

    When I click on “Wordpress” the login box flashes up and off before I can input anything, so here’s my comment:

    “To protect the fountain, how about placing plant boxes around it. In the past, there were railings.”

    Thanks again for your daily articles – and some great photos too!



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