Make a noise

l am betting the electric scooters – currently on trial in Bath – are going to become a permanent part of our future transport system.

It’s good to see people of many different ages using them too.

A good point made by a friend is that they are currently silent in operation and manufacturers should add some sort of ‘noise’ so you can hear them coming.

Reminded me of the paper – held with pegs – we clipped to the spokes of our pedal bikes when l was a youngster.

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  1. On the contrary, I am hoping that common sense prevails. The aims of our Council introducing eScooters were two-fold a) to entice motorists out of their cars in order to reduce congestion and reduce pollution in our city b) to encourage active travel to reduce obesity. Both were pipe-dreams.
    Fulfilment of either of those aims, even after a prolonged trial, is in no way evident. Instead, users are being drawn off public transport, use them instead of walking or cycling, abuse them by ‘joy-riding’ on pavements, the wrong side of the road, the wrong way up one-way streets, often precariously two-up and weaving in and out of traffic. And now, privately-owned derestricted versions are now being driven at speeds of up to 25mph, with impunity as they are rarely confiscated by Police.
    This new mode of transport has improved nothing, merely added one more hazard to those we already face when out in public. They meet no need but create a new one, public safety, which the Council has made no attempt to ameliorate, merely suggesting the victim writes down the digits on the 3″ number plate that speeds past them, and complains to Voi. Sloping shoulders or what?!.
    As for “..people of many different ages..”, you must be hallucinating Richard.

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