Colour my columns

More reactions coming in regarding my recent story concerning the colonnades lining historic Bath Street – an 18th-century creation that now links the Roman Baths with the Cross Bath and Thermae Spa.

One side of it has been freshly painted – a real contrast to the bare Bath stone columns on the opposite side of the road. I suggested that adds complications to the street being used in future for filming period dramas.

Recent shot l took from Stall Street end.

I also wondered why the renovations at the Stall Street end of York Street were taking so long.

I have heard now from Robert Campbell who is the new Head of Heritage Services for B&NES.

He told me:

‘On the matter of the columns, we are still investigating. Whilst council-owned, the buildings have a number of leasehold tenants. Our colleagues in ‘property’ are exploring the renovation programme with them now. 

In terms of York Street, the works are running to schedule at the moment and we expect them to conclude in the first week of May.

As with all building projects in heritage settings you never know what to expect when you start so we still might experience some slippage.’

New York Street paving.

Here’s a view of the work in progress from a Pump Room offices window – supplied by Tony Crouch who is the City of Bath World Heritage Site Manager.

Tony added:

‘We are nearly there with York Street, and the work is looking superb in the April rain. A significant upgrade worth waiting for.’


  1. I hadn’t seen these but I was contacted by Ralph Oswick for my opinion. He was unimpressed with the work, as am I. I suspect his suggestion that it’s possibly Primark who had the work done may be accurate. Perhaps it’s worth asking them and if so, reminding them they will need to submit retrospective planning permission.

  2. The paving in York Street looks great. The Council MUST make sure that it doesn’t become littered with those large Biffa Bins that are making the streets around M&S and the Grove St night clubs unsightly and narrow. The retailers responsible for those lines of bins should be forced to have them on their premises, not on permanent display on Bath’s streets.

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