Anti Terrorism inquiry

A public inquiry into a Traffic Regulation Order for anti-terrorism purposes to close York Street, as part of Bath’s city centre security scheme, will be held on Tuesday April 26.

A public inquiry is held when an objection remains to the Traffic Regulation Order and agreement cannot be reached.

The public inquiry will be held by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport and will begin at 10am on Tuesday 26 April. The inquiry will be held in the Brunswick Room at the Guildhall, High Street, Bath.

The Inspector appointed to conduct the inquiry is Rory Cridland who will consider the order which relates to the closure of York Street, Bath between 10am-6pm for the purpose of anti-terrorism and between 6pm and 10pm for the purpose of preventing danger and avoiding danger to persons or other traffic using the road or damage to the road.

Documents giving detailed particulars of the Order and of the plans referred to therein are available for inspection on Bath & North East Somerset Council’s website and at the Keynsham One Stop Shop, Market Walk, Keynsham during normal office hours.

Any written representations for consideration by the Inspector may be sent by any person wishing to make such representations to City Centre Security Team, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath BA1 1JG.

Objections, written representations and the council’s evidence will be made available for inspection on the council’s website  and at the One Stop Shops at 3-4 Manvers Street, Bath, The Hollies, High Street, Midsomer Norton and at the Keynsham One Stop Shop, Market Walk, Keynsham during normal office hours.

The procedure at the public inquiry shall be determined by the Inspector. Any person interested in the subject matter of the inquiry may appear at it in person or by counsel, a solicitor or other representative.

The Inspector may refuse to hear any person, or to consider any objection or representation, if he considers that the views of that person or the objection or representation are irrelevant or have already been adequately stated at the inquiry.

Anyone wishing to appear at or attend the inquiry should make their interest known to the Planning Inspectorate as soon as possible by contacting quoting the DPI reference number (DPI/F0114/22/2) and giving their contact details. Alternatively, telephone 0303 4445572. Details are also on our website here

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  1. I think we all recognise the Sieve of Steel to be a ‘fait accompli’, designed not to stop terrorist atrocities (because it won’t) but to clear motorists out of Bath’s centre. Like their questionnaire on LTNs, this enquiry is likely to be hugely biased in support of the York Street closure initiative, and that outcome will smooth the way for many more street closures to traffic.
    Why should you care? Because it’s a taste of things to come – it’s an illustration of how our local administration forces through whatever scheme takes their fancy. Fake consultation, shaming opposition, opaque bureaucratic machinations and a disregard for the wishes of the majority and a promotion of the wishes of minorities.
    I will not waste my time and further emotion by attending.

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