Our thanks to the more than two hundred objectors – including our ward councillors and Bath Preservation Trust – who helped us fight off yet another attempt to crowd houses onto a patch of land that links this part of Lambridge with the beautiful Woolley Valley behind.

The latest planning application has been refused. The latest in a long line of refusals.

How many more times will they attempt to come back with an alternative scheme to build on this natural gateway to our beautiful countryside. An absolutely unsuitable part of the Green Belt to destroy for profit. They don’t build for love.

The National Trust are establishing their Green Corridor from Bath Abbey out to Batheaston. We have our own here in Larkhall and we want to keep it.


  1. Great news, know exactly where your on about, having went to all 3 Larkhall schools 70/80’s….. profit over countryside! Isn’t it a case of ” not in my back yard thou?” literally ! … know the developer WILL try again thou ..

  2. Well done to all, but sadly we know the developers will be back and BANES council have a history of allowing all the wrong type of developments in the City. You only have to look at the Lower Bristol road to see what damage has been done. It is now a corridor of large student housing blocks with no regard for the locals.

  3. Good news. Let’s hope they also fail to get planning permission to ruin the ‘Southstoke Plateau’ off Combe Hay lane! Power to the people!!

  4. Exactly ,well said Sharron, I wonder how many? On the council have ” local” links or are born in the City , all think ” THEY” know what’s best for the city! Absolutely ruined my home city ! Shocked what the centre was like , last summer , after many years living in Cornwall!

    1. Andy, agree with you entirely. Although I am not a Bathonian, I have only been here 30 years! It must have been a real shock for you to return to your home city and see what those “who know best” have done to spoil a once beautiful city. If our business wasn’t based here, we would look to leave as I am so disheartened by BANES.

      1. Hi Sharron, yes it was, having not been in the centre for years, and seeing seagull etc droppings everywhere, alfresco dining adding to that I guess? met up with my sister (67) who lives in Bristol , and first comments to each other was ” what a mess” …WORLD HERITAGE UNESCO CITY! god knows what tourist think?? which the city NEEDS. !

  5. There are fewer ‘out of B&NES’ councillors now than there were before the last elections, when Bath wards were represented by residents of Corsham and Chewton Mendip.

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