Waiting for treatment

The latest stats from NHS England, published in January, reveal that 31,550 patients in Bath are waiting to start treatment. 

The statistics show that some 10,695 local patients have been left waiting over 18 weeks after their referral to treatment, while 1,217 have been waiting over a whole year. 

Nationally, the figures show that 6 million people are on NHS waiting lists – a number that has doubled since 2015. This has led to the Liberal Democrats slamming the Conservatives for putting in-fighting ahead of the health crisis the country faces. 

Commenting, Liberal Democrat MP Wera Hobhouse, said: 

“These statistics show that 31,550 patients across Bath are being left to suffer. NHS waiting lists were already at crisis point before the pandemic and now they’re off the charts. After years of chronic underfunding, this Government has brought the NHS to breaking point and the public isn’t fooled: the Tory’s attempts to rehash old cancer targets, and pretend it’s all down to the pandemic, just won’t cut it.

“After years of driving our health and care services into the ground, the Conservatives need to act now or it will cost people’s lives.”

“Throughout the pandemic, our local residents have been responsible and played their part in protecting the NHS. Now they deserve better. At the very least the Government should start the process to help the thousands of people left stranded on huge waiting lists in Bath.”