Job done?

You won’t catch me going anywhere near town today – not even on my bike! I shop during the week but I will have to miss out on the thrill l get turning sharp left off the congested and polluted London Road and up to the canal towpath where cycle bells and “thank you’s” make a hell of a difference to how people treat each other.

I did go past the Laura Place fountain yesterday where stonemasons – working for Cliveden Conservation – seem to have repaired and replace missing blocks of Portland stone.

B&NES has installed a new filter device which will stop the water from going green when the fountain is switched on again next year.

As l understand it, the bowls still have to be ‘tanked’ to make them waterproof and then it is all systems go.

As some have suggested, l think bollards – and maybe even chains – around the structure might save it being rammed by vehicles quite so often. There would still be plenty of room for traffic to travel around it.