All night long

It’s not a case of landing on the moon so much as the moon landing in Bath Abbey.

Artist Luke Jerram’s installation Museum of the Moon will be open to view in the church from Saturday the 20th through to Christmas Eve.

Several special musical events have been organised to take place during the satellite’s rather low orbit and one of them involves Bath Abbey Choirs who have been working hard for weeks in preparation for their concert of Rachmaninov’s iconic vespers, the All Night Vigil, which will be performed under the Moon on Tuesday 23 November.

Apparently, when Rachmaninov’s friend was first played a draft of the Fifth Movement they asked him where on earth was he going to find soloists able to sing it?

An Abbey spokesperson told me : ‘We’re fortunate in that we have a couple… added to that we have the Abbey’s magnificent surroundings and acoustics.’

Here’s a quick YouTube clip of the Choir rehearsing for this:


  1. Wish I could attend but will be rehearsing with Bath’s wonderful choir Lucis for our forthcoming concert of A Festival of Carols on Wednesday 1 December in Bath Abbey where we will sing together with the Mead Young Voices Choir. Perhaps you could also highlight this for us?

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