Potty old B&NES

According to today’s “Mail Online” our local authority comes in at number 3 in the top ten list of areas with minor roads in need of repairs. The article says in some regions two in three roads need repairs for potholes.

In the case of B&NES, it’s 42% in need of attention.

Also on highway matters, it’s good to see that one of those speed sensor devices that illuminates with a warning if you go over the local limit has been installed near a dangerous crossroads on the old Gloucester Road.

Here’s the crossroads. Traffic from the right has come off the A46 bypass and is heading down old Gloucester Road. Some is then turning into our road on its way to Camden. More traffic coming out of Bailbrook Lane.

It’s where Ferndale Road and Bailbrook Lane traffic has to try and feed onto the Gloucester Road. A task not made easier by parked vehicles often blocking visibility.

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  1. Problem is, once BANES have paid for Childrens’ and Adult Social Care, and Education, there’s not a lot left over for Highways. If Westgate Street in the city centre is a ‘minor road’, then it certainly falls into the category of needing improvement – in fact a complete rethink to make it more pedestrian / cycle friendly.

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