Come and make some music

The Bath Festival is inviting musicians to take part in Party in The City in May next year, as part of the citywide celebrations that open the annual festival.

Party in the City is Bath’s largest arts event and is free for everyone to attend. Organisers at The Bath Festival are now inviting musicians of all genres of music, along with choirs, to take part in the city’s biggest free party.

Party in the City will take place on Friday 13 May 2022. The night includes over 1,000 performers across more than 30 venues as well as two outdoor stages. Party in the City is the opening event for the annual Bath Festival of music and books.

Party in the City regularly attracts around 20,000 people into the city centre. Music pours out of pubs, churches, museums and on the streets with audiences free to roam and listen.

To take part simply fill out the application form. Here is the form:

 If you have any questions email

Any venues which would like to host a performance should contact ( and the Bath Festival will get in touch.

In 2019, over 20,000 people attended the seven-hour event. The audience is a mix of culture seekers, fans of bands, friends, families and other musicians from the night. The aim is to offer something for everyone.