Mask Up!

Out and about in town over the last couple of days l have been shocked by the number of people – many of them young – who are not wearing masks. Crowded buses passing with most passengers blissfully travelling as though Covid 19 had never happened.

Cllr Kevin Guy, Leader of B&NES Council

So l for one support the Leader of B&NES Council, Councillor Kevin Guy, in his call for residents to voluntarily resume wearing face coverings in public places to help cut viral infection rates.

Covid rates in B&NES are increasing rapidly. Last week Bath and North East Somerset had the highest seven-day Covid rate in England and the numbers are still increasing.

The latest Covid rates are available on the Council website, along with health advice and resources for residents in need of support.

Councillor Kevin Guy said:

“The Covid situation in B&NES is serious, and we now need to take urgent action if we are to protect our communities and minimise the risk to the health and wellbeing of our residents.

“Pressure on the NHS is growing both nationally and regionally, and there is increasing evidence of rising numbers of infections in our local schools. We may hope that half term will act as a circuit-breaker and offer some respite, but in the absence of responsible action from central government, it is essential that we act quickly and decisively locally to address the threat we currently face.

“Wearing face coverings is scientifically proven to provide a level of protection both to the wearer and others from transmission of the Covid virus. Until the Prime Minister and government stop dithering and prioritise health over short term, shallow populism, we cannot make wearing masks mandatory.

“I am calling on everyone in B&NES voluntarily to resume wearing masks in public places such as shops and entertainment venues, as well as in educational establishments and on public transport, unless they are exempt.”

Councillor Guy and other Council Leaders are also asking government to give local authorities more power over actions that would help cut Covid infection rates. He added:

“This, sadly, is a time when we must all – together and as individuals – step up and shoulder the responsibility that our government has so demonstrably failed to do.

“I urge all our residents to recognise the peril of the current spike in Covid cases, to protect their own health and that of their families, neighbours and of the community as a whole.

“Working together, we can make a difference and we can save lives.”