Bath’s spectacular ‘tipping point’ protest

Pulteney Bridge and weir have played their part just recently in filming for a major movie – but this week-end the fast flowing waters of the River Avon – in that location – are the setting for an amazing and thought-provoking art installation called Sinking House.

Thankfully, the river wasn’t be too full and fast to stop the construction of a semi-submerged building in one of the city’s most iconic locations.

Taken from the company’s website

In a press release, Architecture and Design practice, Stride Treglown say: “Sinking House is a message of warning, and hope, to communities across the world – including leaders gathering at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) – to address the issues, reach for lifelines and act now against the intensifying threat of climate change.”

The release includes the following information.

The installation

Placed in one of the most iconic locations in Bath, Sinking House appears semi-submerged and at a tipping point between Pulteney Weir and Pulteney Bridge. On the chimney, a human-like figure clings to a lifeline which reads ‘COP26’.  Located in a seemingly perilous location just above the turbulent weir the house’s vulnerability and that of the figure on top represents the dangerous position we have put ourselves in today with climate change. The piece highlights the need for immediate action to avoid devastating consequences.

The built environment

Sinking House coincides with the closing of our Climate Action Relay, an 8 week programme to provoke and inspire collaborative action across the built environment, and we hope Sinking House does the same.

We can’t escape the fact that the built environment is a major contributor to global CO2 emissions. But we can agree that more can be done by those who shape this industry to join forces to reduce our negative impact on people and planet.

End of Life

Once the installation is dismantled, all of the timber will be donated to the nearby Bristol Wood Recycling Project.

Making it happen

Sinking House is led by Stride Treglown and Format Engineers, with artist Anna Gillespie and Fifield Moss Carpentry.

We have worked with local tradespeople to help build the sculpture to minimise transport emissions and keep the installation as sustainable as possible.

It has taken an entire community of local people and organisations to make happen. Special thanks goes to Bath and North East Somerset Council, Environment Agency, City of Bath Sea Cadets, Greenman Environmental Management, Bridge Coffee Shop, Sydenhams, Kellaway Building Supplies, Minuteman Press, RIBA, Wessex Water, Architecture Is.

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