What’s in a name?

Not wishing Her Majesty the Queen anything other than many more years to reign over us, l feel we will eventually reach a watershed moment when it is time to consider a new and contemporary type of citizen’s award for those deserving public recognition for services rendered.

 CBE’s, MBE’s and OBE’s are ridiculous when you stop to consider what the initials stand for.

A Commander or Member of the British Empire, or proud medal wearer of the Order of the British Empire? Where is this empire on which the sun never sets? Well it has! The sunset was fantastic too.

Lords and ladies, Knights and Barons are also part of an even older and golden Arthurian past which l would love to see swept away – but lets start with the easier stuff first eh.

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  1. Agree with you, up to a point. But the ‘sorting out’ needs to start at the top. The Prince of Wales has promised a ‘slimmed-down’ monarchy when he becomes king but I suspect that real change will have to await the accession of King William V & Queen Catherine. The (so-called) ‘Honours System’ cannot continue for very much longer in its present form but the ‘Fount of Honours’ needs to be revised first. The 2nd element has to be the total abolition of the House of Lards and its replacement with an elected Senate. The Aristos have been kicked out to be replaced by dubious Life Peers who are largely time-servers or have bought the honour!

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