Songs of love.

No sooner do l say l don’t mind featuring some of the interesting events being organised locally then in comes one such happening.

Jonno Davis is Chairman of the Holburne Museum Supporters Group.

He writes:

I’ve been enjoying all the photographs you’ve been posting recently, some lovely scenery and interesting views in and around the city.

I thought you and your readers might be interested in a couple of concerts I’m organising at the Holburne, as fund-raising events. The first one is inspired by the forth-coming Rossetti portraits exhibition, which is opening soon. The songs will focus on themes of love, nostalgia, portraits and dedications.

It’s on the evening of 7th October, with music by Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann and Tarega, performed by the virtuoso guitarist Sam Brown, accompanying the fine soprano voice of Angela Hicks. Both Sam and Angela are young musicians and very much up-coming artists, future stars in the world of classical music.

We are planning another concert with a Tudor/Christmas theme on 4th December – I could give you more details about that nearer the time.

In time I am hoping to revive a programme of occasional concerts in the Museum, some linking to the special exhibition, or themes within the collection, or music appropriate to the season.

Many thanks in anticipation of your help in promoting the concerts.”