Raise a glass amongst your neighbours.

It warms the heart to know that community spirit is alive and well – at least in some pockets of our beautiful part of Somerset.

Fred and Mary Edwards

Thanks to a gift of tickets by Fred and Mary Edwards – we were able to join several hundred others – on Saturday evening – at the annual Swainswick Harvest Beer Festival.

It was held in the grounds of the vicarage at Upper Swainswick and was raising funds for the local church of St Mary the Virgin.

Mary – amongst many other things – is organist at the church.

The weather – and the selection of beers – could not have been better.

There were plenty of other things for those avoiding alcohol – and a bumper queue at the barbecue. Live music too – from Bear Essentials Jazz and the Dadz Band.

Here’s some even better footage shot by the event’s official photographer!

Credit: Fred Edwards. Live music courtesy Bear Essentials Jazz and the Dadz Band..

Hope there’s plenty of cash to stash when the accounts are settled up.

PS. Always happy to hear from others doing their bit to foster community events too.

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