Dan’s way of colouring darkness – a chat with an amazing man.

A cancer patient – with an incurable condition – has presented staff from the Oncology department at Bath’s RUH with an original artwork in thanks for his care and treatment. He’s also just opened his first art show too!

Dan Griffin, aged 49, from Bath, was told in 2020 that his illness, a rare form of lung cancer, was incurable.

He said: “Throughout my cancer journey I have had the expert guidance and support of Oncology doctors and the amazing team of lung nurses, Macmillan Cancer Support staff and countless others at the RUH. I wanted to show my appreciation with the gift of a painting that I hope will add a little colour and positivity to the lives of those affected by the darkness of a cancer diagnosis.”

He says that the news that his illness was terminal inspired him to make many changes, one of them to pursue his passion for painting.

Dan Griffin pictured outside 44AD Artspace.

Dan now has his first ever public exhibition at 44AD Artspace on Abbey Green in the centre of Bath, which opening today called ‘Dignitastic! Where Art Meets a Terminal Lung Cancer Diagnosis’.

Entry is free and it runs through to Saturday August 28th.

Dan’s painting gift to the hospital is an abstract piece in acrylics titled ‘The Spectre of Homer Simpson, Samurai’.

He said: “I have always been fascinated by imagery; by shapes and colours; by beautiful design and by our interactions with them; how they can raise our spirits and show
us light in times and places of overwhelming darkness. It is my honour to be able to present a specially-produced work that will, I hope, offer an additional dash of colour perhaps at a time when it is needed most.”

RUH Oncology Matron Caroline Gilleece said: “We would like to thank Dan for his very generous gift and his hope that it will bring pleasure to other patients. His story is an inspiring one and we wish him all the best with his first art exhibition.”

Dan had sent me a separate email about his exhibition and told me: ‘It’s a show of abstract paintings reflecting Life since my diagnosis, in and out of lockdown.’

‘Maybe you enjoy abstract work or maybe you don’t.  For me, it’s all about filling my Life with colour.’

Pleasure to go along and meet him and – as l said in that impromptu interview – when he’s not painting Dan is busy jumping out of aeroplanes to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Here’s the link he sent!

Find out more about Dan’s work via danwgriffin.com

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