Thanks for the trim

Off to Swindon in the rain this morning but one experience on the way helped to drive those dark clouds away.

I had been warned by friend Andy – before we set off – that a hedge trimmer was hard at work on the old Gloucester Road.

It was dealing with the overgrowth that was blocking the footpath running up to Upper Swainswick where pedestrians were being forced into the road at blind spots to avoid nettles and brambles.

See how blocked the path was and on a blind bend too!

I took a picture of the problem – and hi-lighted the issue on this website yesterday – so l was delighted to see the hedge trimming underway. Was it the publicity l gave this issue that triggered such a prompt response from our local council?

I had raised the issue to hi-light a problem l am sure is repeated elsewhere in the area and had suggested that landowners should be responsible for trimming boundary hedges on both side of their green ‘fence’.

Another spot on the path where you were forced to step into the road.

Well, l know one local councillor at least saw what l had written. On Twitter Cllr Sue Craig – a ward councillor for Kingsmead and chair of the planning committee – tweeted:

Cllr Sue Craig

“This is the responsibility of the landowner. Because of the danger to pedestrians @BATHNESHighways will cut the hedgerow back while we find out who the landowner is.

Thank you for bringing it to the Council’s attention. Best way to do that next time is fixmystreet or your cllr?”

Well, actually Cllr Craig l deliberately raised this issue on my website which exists to feature stories and events relating to Bath and bring to the fore issues of concern that are of public interest.

The view from our car returning home – with the whole path cleared.

It wasn’t a case of ‘fixing’ something in my street but tackling a real dangerous situation in this part of Bath – and l think you will find multiple landowners involved in the number of hedged fields going up from Lower to Upper Swainswick.

Now you can see around that blind corner with the hedge cut back.

I will continue to do that publicly but will immediately encourage everyone with something within their individual streets they want fixing to contact or find your local councillor – and raise local issues – via

And don’t forget Bath Newseum is here to help too!!

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  1. Well done Richard , something’s been done ! But as previous ” emails” and yes I don’t live in Bath ( anymore) the council are useless! More concerned with keeping ” locals” out of the city centre then doing the right day to day stuff…Call it cut backs? Or someone just not doing their job anymore ?? YOU / or anyone else shouldn’t have to highlight thing’s like this, I believe the old ” Gloucester road” is still used quite a bit ,as a cut through , so it’s a accident waiting to happen , especially the speed everyone seems to drive at no a days!!!

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