Musical tribute to Bath’s exiled King.

Step aside Jane Austen and Mary Shelley and let’s give some cyber time to one of Bath’s most globally famous residents.

Haile Selassi – King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Elect of God and Emperor of Ethiopia spent five years in the city – between 1936 and 1941 – while in exile.

Fairfield House in Newbridge became his home and, on his return to Africa, he donated it to the city in 1958 as a residence for the elderly.

Now on his birthday – he was born on July 23rd 1892 – Majical x Kibir La Amlak have released “Do You Know” on all digital platforms.

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This stile is on the river footpath and there is a carved stone next to it.
The carved stone at the Haile Selassie marked path
A better photo shows marker and carved rock. Cobra head symbol