Too hot to handle

I can appreciate how the plastic envelopes – now installed either side of the roadway on the Cleveland bridge – are going to help work to continue on repairs and strengthening the listed structure during wet weather – but it can’t be much fun working inside this week with temperatures soaring.

Meanwhile, l decided to go for my walk soon after 6 am today – before things started to warm up.

I have to say my route up the side of the old Gloucester Road to Upper Swainswick is popular with a lot of pedestrians, joggers and dog walker – not forgetting parents walking their youngster to school.

The pathway is narrow and mid-summer growth from the hedgerow means you have to often step into the road to get by.

It’s a dangerous manoeuvre on what can be a busy road where not every motorist sticks to the speed limits.

Have Tweeted some pics for @bathnes.