Mask up says Metro Mayor

As Government rules on compulsory mask use come to an end today, West of England Metro Mayor Dan Norris will be encouraging bus passengers to continue wearing them.

A recording of the Mayor on 460 buses across the region will say:

“I’m Dan Norris, Metro Mayor for the West of England. Thank you for wearing a face covering on this bus. Together let’s keep our communities safe.”

Buses will also display posters thanking passengers for wearing face coverings.

Mayor Norris said: “If you can, please wear a face covering to protect yourself and everyone else. A huge thank you to First for continuing to encourage the wearing of masks to keep passengers and drivers as safe as possible.

The Government have messed up here. To me it’s simple. The question is: is it safer for everyone if as many people as possible wear a mask on public? And the answer is obviously yes. We’re seeing soaring Covid infection rates so it would have been so much better to require people to mask up. But as the Government won’t step up it’s going to be down to West of England people.”

To download a mask thank you poster for your business please visit: