Wood you look at this.

The home made road sign – shown above – is trying to get motorists to think about what might be around the corner and was spotted on my walk through Upper Swainswick this morning.

Though legally not enforceable l have to give credit to whoever it was who designed and erected the sign – and in such a stylish and ‘green’ way!

I can add to the story today (Tuesday) as a local resident told me:

‘The wood came from the 100ft ash tree that had to be felled from the churchyard (ash dieback) about 3 months ago – the sign is now positioned about 30yds from where the tree grew – touching!

With the full blessing of the PC, we thought an appealing, green sign sending the message was a better way than spoiling the beauty of the valley with metal signs, repeated every 600m (as required) or dangerous speed bumps. Let’s see if it works – more may appear.’

Deadmill Lane

Love you to come and make on for the top of our road in Lower Swainswick. Later this month – with Wessex Water digging up nearby Deadmill Lane – we will be bearing the ‘weight’ of all the rat run traffic passing through on its way to Camden and beyond.

Ferndale Road

A narrow little rather steep street with young families living in the vicinity and parked cars at the top junction already making it a dangerous route. We also have to live with the lorries that can’t read the ‘unsuitable for’ signs at either end!

On to happier matters and conservators from Sally Strachey Conservation have made an excellent job of restoring two Grade 2 listed early 18th century chest tombs at St Mary’s in Upper Swainswick.

Had to pop in to take a look now the sack coverings have been removed. Once the grass around them regrows they will look wonderful.

Cycling into town, l stopped off in Great Pulteney Street to take a look at another stone balustrade that has been damaged by means unknown.

It’s at the end of Sunderland Street – facing Henrietta Park – and thanks to Dr Michael Pritchard for taking a picture of the damaged section.

I add one of my own. Difficult to see if its vehicular damage as there is a metal barrier in front of it.

Though there is room at one end l think for the corner of a car/van/lorry to have backed into it. Maybe someone out there knows?