A musical dream coming true

It’s a bit of a battle trying to live a normal life during the lockdowns we’ve endured during this pandemic, but imagine if you’ve a cast of more than 50 adults and young people that you have to rehearse for a brand new musical hitting a Bath stage in little more than a month.

Conducting Alice Park rehearsals is Bath-based musician and choir leader Matt Finch who is the musical’s composer. Additional numbers were written by Owain Coleman and Tom Cory.

I’ve been out to meet the local woman who has sunk her own cash and six years of her life into getting MissRed – a new family musical – on to the stage of The Forum on the 6th and 7th of August.

Writer/Producer Mel Lawman

Mel Lawman has written and produced the show which she says is packed with talent and wonderful songs.

It stars Sophia Guarino as Fran Ethel Red – whose West Country adventures provide the setting for the show.

Sophia Guarino

What better place to chat than the empty auditorium of The Forum.

More information via www.bathforum.co.uk or www.bathboxofffice.org.uk