Nature’s call

It’s fair to say public toilets are not as convenient as they once were.

There isn’t the spare cash to lavish upon them but – in a place like Bath – where hopefully, we will once again soon be awash with visitors, we need to be able to offer adequate rest stops.

Seems not everyone is aware of their nearest local if the signage that has gone up in front of the Royal Crescent lawns is anything to go by.

My thanks to Nick Gane for drawing my attention to them.

Seems people have been taking advantage of the cover provided between the grasslands and the entrance to Royal Victoria Park.

One local resident told me: At times when there are hundreds of drinking teenagers in these areas, what did they think would happen?

The signs themselves are little more than a joke. One night the police estimated that there were 2000 drinkers on that lawn.

There are, from memory, 4 or 5 public toilets at the Charlotte Street car park. I imagine nary a one of the drinkers went to Charlotte Street.”

Enough to make a lady of Bath flush – l mean blush!

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