Say it with Pride

The Pride flag is now flying at the front of the RUH – representing the hospital’s commitment to being an inclusive environment for all.

Chief Executive Cara Charles-Barks was joined by other members of the Executive team to raise the flag to tie in with Pride Month.

CEO Cara Charles-Barks raising the flag.

Cara said: “It was a huge honour to raise the flag. It represents an important step in our journey to ensuring we’re providing the highest quality of care for our patients and supporting our staff to be themselves at work, regardless of how they identify.

“One of our core values at the RUH is that everyone matters, and we are absolutely committed to continuing to develop our equality agenda. This flag is a way for us to demonstrate that.”

The Pride flag is the first flag flown on the RUH’s brand new flagpole, and the installation was organised by the RUH’s LGBTQ+ staff network.

The design flying is the updated and more inclusive version of the Pride flag, featuring pink, purple and brown triangles. This incorporates elements of the transgender flag and represents people from different ethnicities too.

The RUH has a number of initiatives to ensure an open, non-judgemental and inclusive environment for patients, their loved ones, and staff.

These include the NHS rainbow badge, which staff can wear to signal that people can feel confident in discussing LGBTQ+ issues with them. Before wearing a badge, staff pledge that although they might not have all the answers they will listen, and signpost to the support available.

LGBTQ+ Staff Network Chair Steve Dunne-Howells said: “On behalf of the staff network, it’s such an honour to see the flag at the front of the hospital. This was a fantastic and proud day for us.

“Simple visual signals like the flag and the rainbow badges can make a real difference to people who may feel unsure about their identity or whether they can talk to healthcare professionals about it.”