Water is best!

It’s Friday and the rain is back but at least it’s warm!

Talking of water, you may have seen those black poles that have sprung up in the High Street, by Bath City College and on Bog Island?

There’s a Wessex Water logo on them – which is a bit of a clue as to their purpose.

The first public water fountains in years – there’s even going to be one in the revamped Sydney Gardens.

The old and defunct park fountain.

The water company – in conjunction with B&NES – is hoping we will re-fill our bottles rather than buy more plastic ones.

They are due to come into use when things open up more as they need to be constantly used to keep the water circulating. The hope is for the end of June, but we will have to see as things change daily.

Talking of Sydney Gardens, l am hearing we may see the end of that temporary fencing – alongside the railway line – by the autumn.

I did approach Network Rail about this blot on our landscape but got no reply.

I have been told – elsewhere – that new permanent fencing has been designed to fit on top of Brunel’s stone balustrade.

However, they found the new fence was too heavy to be supported by Victorian ornamentation so the stonework will need underpinning first.

Hopefully that work will start soon.

Meanwhile, while l am happy to see the outside seating beside the Francis Hotel – and welcome open air cafe culture generally – why do the divides have to be topped with PLASTIC flowers?

We are trying to get rid of the stuff and not beautify it!

A final stop in York Street where l see a sign has gone up outside the former Friends Meeting House that Topping & Comapny is now busy converting into what will be the largest independent book store in the country when it opens.