Well done that man!

In town today – on my electrically-assisted bike – to get punctures repaired by the efficient staff at Take Charge Bikes.

Getting there involved crossing the old Homebase car park where l see the new owners have honoured a pedestrian right of way – despite the fact the rest of the site is fenced off.

Waiting for demolition.

The developers – Guild Living – are just waiting for planning permission to get down to demolishing the warehouse and erecting up to 288 flats for the over 65s with care facilities.

Just waiting to get going.

Their original application – last year – was thrown out because of its scale and design. No doubt – with such a big investment – they will be back with a revised application and hoping for a more sympathetic reception so the heavy machinery already standing by – can get on with demolition work.

Meanwhile, l have to give full marks to a man working for the site agents who took it upon himself to clear up some of the disgusting rubbish littering the graffiti-lined pathway leading into the site and also on to the riverside pathway leading to the Victoria Bridge.

Bags full of Bath litter

Not far from there a splendid mass of daffodils taking advantage of today’s warm sun.

Mother Nature manages to take grab your attention away from abandoned supermarket trolleys on the riverbank.

Meanwhile work continued in Parade Gardens on laying a new floor within the bandstand and – l must point out – while you’ve been free to wander into the gardens over the winter, there is now someone in the kiosk to take your money!

Of course, if you have a Discovery card, you get in for nothing.