Community Contribution Fund

Residents in Bath and North East Somerset will soon be able to pay into a pilot ‘good causes’ fund to help local charity, community and voluntary groups in the area.

The Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) Community Contribution Fund will be administered by the council but will not be used to supplement council services.  Every penny donated will be used to fund local projects. 

The proposed scheme was put forward by the council’s Labour Group last year and considered by a full meeting of Bath & North East Somerset Council in November. It was given the final go-ahead at Full Council on 23rdFebruary. A council report said the fund would enable residents to contribute their own money to support local initiatives and projects and would initially be run as a one-year pilot, after which it would be reviewed.

Councillor Richard Samuel, cabinet member for Resources, said: “The aim of the fund is to help to reduce inequalities in the area by giving residents the chance to help fund local projects that improve people’s lives and focus on those who are most disadvantaged. Over the past 12 months the pandemic has further amplified inequalities in health, wealth and opportunity. We have also seen the tremendous work so many local organisations have done to help communities in response to the impact of Covid-19. This fund will enable residents to easily pay into supporting the breadth of vital projects Bath and North East Somerset charities, voluntary and community groups deliver.”  

Once the fund is established, charity, voluntary or community organisations that supports residents of Bath and North East Somerset will be able to apply.

Contributions will be separate to residents’ Council Tax contributions and residents can donate more than once.  The minimum contribution is £5, however there is no maximum contribution. 

Contributors will not be able to request a particular project or area where their money is spent and priority will be given to projects that benefit the whole B&NES area.

An invitation to pay into the fund will now be included when Council Tax bills are sent to residents in March with a link to information about the scheme and to an online payment system.  

Visit the Community Contribution Fund webpage to find out more and to make a contribution online.