A Ralph rant!

……Is how ex-Natural Theatre artistic director Ralph Oswick describes his lengthy and passionate email to Bath Newseum.

Here it is – in full:

‘A couple of days ago, late afternoon, I heard what can only be described as a thundering of feet.

Looking out of my window I was surprised to see a large body of young people making their merry way across the adjacent Victoria Bridge, chattering and guffawing as they passed. I lost count at 50. No social distancing was in evidence and nary a mask could be seen. A few minutes later a similar group numbering at least 30 followed in their wake.

Victoria Suspension Bridge. Library shot taken prior to weeding!

I hesitate to accuse any particular demographic, but the groups were coming from the direction of Victoria Park and heading towards the nearby  proliferation of student accommodation.

These weren’t wayward youths but young adults who should know better. It made me despair. Have my months of semi-isolation, avoiding public transport, avoiding my friends, eschewing out of home dining and generally severely adapting my lifestyle in order to protect myself and others from infection been in vain?

I don’t like wearing a mask or  constantly sanitising my hands any more than the next man, but I’ve stuck to it through thick and thin. I don’t have any children or aged parents to worry about, nevertheless I’m no spring chicken myself and it has been a strain both physically and mentally.

It pains me greatly to think that I’m sharing a neighbourhood with, it seems, scores of thoughtless, uncaring and stupid people! Grrr!’

Hope you feel better for that Ralph.

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  1. I hope this “rant” is sent on to the Universities because they must surely do something about it!

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