Who can help?

Now here’s an interesting email that’s arrived from Duncan Hodges who follows Bath Newseum but lives in Hertfordshire.

It’s all about the connection between Bath and the man who – amongst other things – invented the first Anglepoise Lamp!

Duncan writes:

‘I wonder if you can help me? I am looking for items designed by the famous Bath resident George Carwardine 1887 – 1947 and wondered if your museum had any knowledge of him and his inventions and perhaps another museum in Bath which would be a good place for me to contact.

He was most notably known for inventing the first Anglepoise lamp which initially went under the name of his company – Cardine Accessories Ltd, Bath – and later was manufactured in conjunction with Herbert Terry and Sons of Redditch. 

But I am particularly interested in his 4-wheeled trolley design – of which I own – (it has the same Cardine badge as above) and am looking for information on – and other examples. I can find none at all online. It is amazingly rare! I hasten to add that since its manufactured date – in around 1924 – 1929 – someone has unfortunately painted parts of it a cream and black colour which never had these originally.

If you know of any examples or another museum I should contact, I would be most grateful to you. ‘

Duncan l have passed your email on to the Museum of Bath at Work who may be able to help. In the meantime, maybe someone reading this may also be able to supply you with more information.