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A new fundraising platform that speeds up the application process for charities has helped Citizens Advice – Bath and North East Somerset secure a new funder and save money in the length of time it was taking to apply for financial help.

2019 data shows that 66% of funding applications fail, collectively costing charitable organisations in the region of £921million per year. This resource allocation is due to funders having to answer an average of 62 questions for every funding application, averaging 19 hours of work per application. 

For years, the sector has been in need of a simpler solution, so that resources can be put to better use that endlessly filling out application forms.

Citizens Advice – Bath & North East Somerset has become one of the latest charities to benefit from the Brevio fundraising platform, matching the charity with the noted philanthropist Marcelle Speller OBE. Marcelle, who founded Brevio, is also one of the many funders who charities can be matched to through the platform.

Marcelle Speller had this to say about funding the Bath branch of the charity “I am really happy to be donating to BANES Citizen’s Advice through Brevio. Citizen Advice has been providing such wonderful service over so many years, but during Covid they have really risen to the occasion and are providing more services to more people, despite their staff working from home.”

Douglas Eason, Business Development manager for the charity had this to say “We are extremely grateful to Marcelle for her generous contribution and to the Brevio team for providing a fundraising platform that is so simple to use. If the future of fundraising is like this then I think a lot of people like me are going to be really happy.”

The platform automates the initial steps in grant applications, to free up hundreds of millions of pounds every year in administration. It’s a matching platform that links funders and charities based on the impact they both want to achieve.

Covid-19 has accelerated the need for Citizens Advice – Bath & North East Somerset to raise funding to train new advisers and this need has now partly been met through Brevio by the charity being matched with the criteria of Marcelle Speller’s personal fund.    


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