A card-carrying member.

Paid a visit to number 10 this morning. No – not Downing Street – but booth number ten at Bath Pavilion where the vaccination of those aged 70 and over is now underway.

Nothing but praise for how efficiently people were being gently shepherded from queue to doorway and finally to a cubicle and my appointment with an efficient nurse called Sharon.

No fifteen minute wait required with the Astra Zeneca vaccine so straight out into the open air – clutching my vaccine card – with space for the booster – whenever that is available?!

Do you know, the thought went through my mind.

If ever there was a moment to introduce a National Identity Card it is now. Things like the vaccine would automatically be added to a card that would be so useful as a national and international form of identity.

We are reaching a time when such a thing is necessary and l would not see it as an infringement of my personal liberties.

Viral, ecological and environmental emergencies will need us to accept we are not the centre of things anymore and that this insane search for profit, wealth and personal achievement at the expense of the planet has to come to an end. Forms of control will become necessary.


  1. Glad you were impressed Richard, I await Wales medics to contact me soon I hope. I much agree that ID Card should be used, it would be very good in so many situations to prove age an identification if needed!

  2. I agree with you about identity cards. This would useful in so many aspects of everyday life.

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