A tribute to John

Yesterday was the funeral of an old friend and colleague from our HTV West days. I can think of no … More

Week-end success.

Pleased to hear the Christmas Pop-Up Sales Tables – set up in the Holburne portico over the week-end – managed … More

A vision for Bear Flat.

Changing what is a pleasant neighbourhood into an even better community. That, says the Bear Flat Association, is the aim … More

It’s our future

How would you like to see Bath change for the better once Covid 19 is behind us? Well, residents are … More

Germ defence download

Behavioural psychologists behind the app Germ Defence – partly developed by the University of Bath – are reminding people of … More

Don’t ring us ……

People living in Bath and North East Somerset who are eligible for the coronavirus vaccine should wait to be contacted … More