On hand with more gloom.

Sure l spotted Noah’s Ark on my way into town today. A day – or more – of rain to add to our miseries.

It was good to be using my feet again – instead of pedalling – even if there is more dismal retail news to tell you from the town end of Milsom Street.

Turns out l don’t have arthritis. Instead, it’s something called trigger finger and my years of keyboard activity may not have helped with this. It’s all down to inflammation in your tendons and it looks like l have to live with it!


  1. Hello Richard,
    Thanks for all your very informative posts.
    Just to let you know that my husband has had trigger finger and I had trigger thumb. In both cases a cortisone injection has cured it permanently, although mine took a couple of weeks to work. Some doctors are not aware of this treatment or don’t have someone able to do cortisone injections but it is really worth pursuing. Maggie

  2. Richard

    I have bad RSI in one wrist, from many years of report writing.

    I have found that wrapping Christmas presents (a different action) is helpful!


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