Laura’s gone floral again.

I don’t know who is responsible for brightening up this particular corner of Bath but well done for again focusing our attention on a bit of inner-city heritage that needs some TLC.

And well done to No 15 Great Pulteney Street for the festooned greenery which adorns the fencing either side – and above – your hotel entrance.

There’s enough foliage there to soak up all the street’s traffic-generated carbon!


  1. I think that replacing the fountain in Laura Place with a flower bed is an excellent idea. Its clear from past history that keeping the old fountain gowing was impractical. Too prone to leakages and corrupting with shampoo etc. The flower bed would brighten up the place considerably. Nothing looks worse than an out of order fountain..

  2. Don’t agree. The whole of Laura Place and Great Pulteney Street need a rethink to make them less dominated by cars and through traffic. This area will be an excellent candidate for a ‘Liveable Neighbourhood’ makeover, part of which could be an entirely new fountain. This area definitely needs attention as it serves neither tourists nor residents well – yes, people do actually live here and it’s not just a Georgian showpiece for visitors.

  3. The pathway that leads from the Ballance Street flats up to Lansdown Rd has a pillar surmounted by a ball at its lower end, that looks very like the top of the fountain. Were they designed by the same person?

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