Is this how it is?

The image above was sent to me by Adrian Feeney and taken by Trevor H Smith.

The graffiti has been written on the concrete bollards that have recently been installed just off Larkhall Square.

I have a feeling that the gesture is slightly ironic.

We are far from the end of this pandemic. There are many saying the relaxation of rules over Christmas will make things even worse.

That some of those we hug or kiss under the mistletoe could be dead by the spring.

There is no magic vaccine about to be handed out to us all. When they come, they won’t make you well if you have already contracted the virus.

The barrier is not there to stop people shopping but to allow them to safely socially-distance from each other.

I would rather we put our energies into urging people to support their local traders and to show some care for each other.

Meanwhile, our two Lambridge councillors have issued the following statements.

Councillor Joanna Wright said:

“Barriers were introduced during the first lockdown to help save lives by preventing the spread of Covid-19 and to encourage residents to feel safe visiting local businesses.

“Sturdier replacement barriers have been installed this week, as the plastic versions were continuously moved to allow cars to occupy the spaces set aside for pedestrians.

“That was despite the availability of parking at New Oriel Hall, a couple of minutes’ walk away, and the adjustments to the barrier arrangements previously made in consultation with local businesses.

“Although the new versions are heavier, they are still a temporary measure, to be removed after the pandemic.

“I recognise the instinct to brighten up grey concrete and am pleased to report that planting will be added in the next few days. I have also asked the Council to look at adding “shop local” signage.”

Lambridge Councillor Rob Appleyard added:

“Many local residents have told me they are very happy with the additional pavement space, which makes it easier for them to access local shops and services without overcrowding.

“More and more residents are understanding the objective is to keep local people safe during the pandemic. I’m calling on the community to pull together to get us through this crisis rather than focusing on structures.

“We must remember the purpose of these measures is to protect public health in the community. We all need to play our part in driving down the case numbers and ensuring we stay out of tier 3.”