We’re here for you says council

The rate of infection in Bath & North East Somerset is now higher than the national average – according to a statement released by the Council.

Withe the second lockdown imminent, the council says it is committed to supporting the most vulnerable and to keeping public and staff safe, whilst maintaining services wherever possible within the restrictions that are finally adopted by central government.

It says it will provide updates in line with further government guidance, expected over the coming days but is already planning to close the Roman Baths from Thursday November 5, with refunds made automatically. Christmas events planned for the city by Visit Bath and partners are also now being reviewed in line with Government guidance and further updates will be announced.

Councillor Dine Romero, council leader, said: “For the first time the rate of infection in Bath and North East Somerset is higher than the national average with 234.77 cases per 100,000 recorded. Crucially we are now seeing infections across all age groups not just young people. Covid-19 kills.  All ages can catch it and anyone can spread it. More than ever it is vital we all play our part to stop this rapid rise and protect the NHS, not least our own Royal United Hospital, and to save lives.

“Even with the measures proposed by central government, reducing the rate of infection will not be easy and is not assured. The proposed government lockdown will also take its toll and we will provide support to the vulnerable or isolated through our Community Wellbeing Hub which can be contacted on 0300 247 0050. Details about the hub and other useful information was contained in a letter sent to all households this week. Please keep hold of the letter so you know how and where you can get the latest updates about our services.

“Although the government are proposing that schools, colleges and Universities remain open, we know that any lockdown will hit our communities hard, including local businesses and in particular hospitality and shops deemed non-essential.  The measures announced on Saturday will also impact on the council’s budget with loss of revenue from Heritage and Parking services. We have all been through a great deal already and we now face the very hard challenge which is to get numbers down over the next four weeks. Please play your part, stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.”  

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  1. Can anyone tell us where in Bath these infections are happening? We never seem to have any analysis of what has caused this dramatic rise in infection after such a good start. Is it all purely down to greater amounts of testing? Or is it complacency?

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