I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Bath putting on a fine autumnal show. More about that in a moment.

OMG! I thought l had died and gone to heaven!! Usually – at this time of the year – when what is left of the cycle racks outside the Guildhall bear attached notices, it’s to say they are being temporarily removed for the Remembrance Day parade salute.

Imagine my delight today to find them bearing good news for us two wheeled citizens.

Yes – they are going – but this time for good. We are getting new cycle racks on both sides of the road – hopefully offering more space for bikes too!

Elsewhere don’t forget the bus-gate in Milsom Street is now equipped with a watchful camera to read your number plate if you go through after ten am in the morning.

I stopped to chat – on Gay street – with the cheerful men and women who have started work on the outside painting for what will become – when it opens next April – the Mary Shelley Experience.

This English novelist wrote the Gothic novel Frankenstein – and most of it while lodging in Bath.

Our happy band of painters told me they were all from the ‘events’ industry which has been hard hit by the pandemic. They said it also made a change to work on something that will stay up after a week or so – unlike most of the experiences they have helped create in their ‘pop-up’ careers.

This ‘museum’ will be a few doors up from the Jane Austen Centre which celebrates another female novelist.

Talking of pop ups. Here’s a vacant shop being put to good use in the name of charity.

My friend Jude sent me an email to draw my attention to the decorative canopy at the High Street end of The Corridor – a speculative 1825 build by Henry Edmund Goodridge – and one of the earliest arcades outside of London.

The glazed canopy was designed by A J Taylor and erected in 1927.

I have voiced my own concern in the past about fractures in the metalwork and – as Jude pointed out – one shudders to think what could happen if it came down in a high wind.

I don’t know who is the landlord at this site but l have contacted B&NES for comment.

Finally, here’s one famous view of Bath which incorporates a splendid autumnal display of colour.

Sad to think those trees may be lost if the Bath Rugby Club development goes ahead as planned?

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  1. I too reported this Corridor canopy appearance to a lady who was in charge of such things in the Council, I think it was, some years ago

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