Over to you.

It’s the donkey at the Bell Inn in Walcot Street l am using to illustrate the point about the proper disposal of face masks. Don’t be an a**!

Catching up with week-end correspondence this Monday morning – and a sunny and autumnal setting in which to raise some issues concerning followers of bathnewseum.com.

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  1. I would support the idea of a RID. In the PERA area funds could be raised from speeding drivers in Great Pulteney Street, fines for engine idling (as and when BANES ever gets round to taking action on this – the CAZ provides the opportunity), more fines for littering, and an Accoustic Camera near the Holburne (once these are available) to catch the sad Chavs who think they impress everyone with the clearly illegal loud exhausts on their cars and motorbikes.

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