Blue skies

Another very personal but heart-warming contribution from Bath Newseum regular, Terry Basson who wants to pay tribute to Bath’s Royal United Hospital.

“I headed towards our Royal United Hospital Bath for cataract surgery, having passed ‘all clear’ of Covid 19 the day before.

Arriving at the Eye Reception (as advised) just 5 mins before my appointment time. Masked up like the ‘Lone Ranger’ I nervously  pressed the doorbell, hoping no-one would be at home.

The door opened and a young smile greeted me, all dressed in blue.  “Are you Terry, come in and sit by this bed”.

Nurse Ruth came back to prepare me for surgery – when suddenly out came Mrs Lewis the surgeon, helping to push a trolly with her last patient on board.

She looked over at me, I said, “Dr you are also so hands on”

Later in the operating theatre I met up with her again – she was now that professional with such skilled hands – along with her knowledgeable assisting surgical team .

“Just relax Terry and let me remove that fog that you have been living with for some years”.

After, I heard a machine quietly whirring away. The surgeon spoke again , “ Did you hear that noise, that is our machine sucking out your cataract.

Today,  one day after, I felt moved enough to write up two Odes;  one to our wonderful NHS staff and the other, to those women who held me in their care throughout my stay.

                  Yes, I can see clearly now, seeing all obstacles in my way.

I now see glorious blues – not foggy yellows covering all I look at. Bless the work of our outstanding 

                                                  Bath Royal United ! “