Go slow-er on London Road?

Proposals for permanent 20mph speed limits outside Bath city centre – including along London Road from Alice Park to the Paragon – are being put forward by Bath & North East Somerset Council in response to the Government plan to encourage walking and cycling.

In July the Government introduced Gear Change, a plan setting out actions required at all levels of government to create better streets for pedestrians and cyclists, and improve air quality and reduce accidents.

The council is proposing to introduce a 20mph limit from Alice Park to the Paragon along London Road, also encompassing Bathwick Hill and Prior Park Road up to Claverton Down.

Whilst much of the city is already covered by 20mph limits, this will be the first time the council has introduced these limits on busier roads which predominantly carry through traffic.

The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) with full details of the proposed areas and how to comment can be viewed here from October 15.

Councillor Joanna Wright, joint cabinet member for Transport Services, said:

“Pedestrians are less likely to suffer serious or fatal injuries if hit by a vehicle travelling at 20mph compared to a vehicle travelling only 10mph faster. The roads where we want to reduce vehicle speeds are ones that are well-used by pedestrians and cyclists. In response to the Government’s Gear Change plan for more cycling and walking, we want to make the streets as safe as possible for everyone.

“Creating more space for safer cycling is one of our three core strategies to create liveable neighbourhoods, but our ambitions should not only focus on the centre of Bath. We want to reduce the dominance of vehicles in built-up areas to encourage more walking and cycling as well as improve air quality and health across the district. These proposed 20mph limits that extend outside the city centre will support our overall aim.”

The Government’s Gear Change plan can be read here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/cycling-and-walking-plan-for-england

Residents can comment on the proposed TRO from October 15 until November 5 before a final decision is made by the council.

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  1. Great idea, but how would it be policed ? In rush hours it is self-enforced due to congestion, but at other times the boy racers in their hideously loud exhaust cars and bikes would completely ignore it if there is no likelihood of prosecution through fines, Motorists won’t care – witness the 20 mph speed limit in Great Pulteney Street which is only strictly obeyed by the tour buses, most service buses, and some car drivers. Most ‘Chelsea tractors’ (of which there are far too many) and taxis completely ignore it..

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