On the move?

Back in 2014 the city’s central police station in Manvers Street was sold to the University of Bath – one of 12 such outposts across Somerset and Bristol that the Avon and Somerset Force closed to save money.

The University renamed its new acquisition the Virgil Building and re-tasked it as a city centre student hub and professional services building.

So imagine Richard Lucking’s surprise when he noticed removal vans parked outside this week – and kindly sent me a picture. Was the university on the move?

An email to the institution’s press office explained what was going on.

Bath Newseum was told: “No we’re not moving out, but we do need to rearrange the space to allow for social distancing etc.”

Meanwhile – just across the road – two floors of Lewis House was also recently rented out to the university – with council staff being transferred to Keynsham.

Lewis House .

At the time this deal was announced, Council leader, Dine Romero said: “This year-long lease arrangement with the University of Bath gains us vital income from this building whilst maintaining service levels. It also helps with social distancing and reduces the need for students to travel as frequently.”