a corpse at midnight

Bad weather grounded my early morning jaunt today, but I’m here to tell you something of the ‘extras’ – added … More

Somer Valley concern

An urgent call to ‘up their game’ has been made to people in the Somer Valley in response to a … More

Let me do my job

OK. So you know what’s involved when you stand for election as a local councillor – but then you get … More

Look no wires!

Say what you will, Bath’s ‘Bring Back Our Trams’ lobby is very persistent and now they’ve come up with a … More

Whole lotta Love

Who remembers the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music? It was a mega-musical event – held in June, 1970 … More

Murky Monday

A murky and somewhat dark Monday stroll up to St Mary’s Church in Upper Swainswick for the first Wyatt’s Walk … More

A post from the past

These days we are told a First Class stamp means next day delivery but here’s a postcard – bearing the … More