Getting to the guts of it.

Four female graduate sculptors from Bath School of Art and Design are exhibiting at the city’s 44AD Gallery in the contemporary sculpture show, GUTS.

The exhibition’s curated by Francie Brown – who is a resident artist at the gallery – as part of their graduate fellowship scheme. Francie’s work also features in the show alongside fellow artists, Maia Walton, Lucy Newnham and Lillie Ayres.

It has been particularly difficult to exhibit work online for graduate sculptors this year, as a photograph cannot fully capture the presence of an artefact.

The chance to exhibit work again in a physical space has been seized by the artists who have taken over the gallery at 44AD with ceramic sculptures, installations and film.

For the artists, play has been central to the making process and amplified even more so by the lockdown period in the UK. Exploration within the private space of the home can be restrictive and play has become a form of relief, reflecting rituals and shapes present in our everyday but magnified.

As a result, the pieces are expansive and take up room with their form and colour, contending for attention.

For the viewer of this show, the pieces encourage engagement and interactivity. With the overall intention to be a celebratory assortment of colour, pattern and shape.  

GUTS is running from the 28 August – 04 September, 12pm – 5pm [Sunday:12pm – 4pm] at 44AD Artspace and Studios, 4 Abbey Street, Bath, BA1 1NN.