Murky Monday

A murky and somewhat dark Monday stroll up to St Mary’s Church in Upper Swainswick for the first Wyatt’s Walk of the week.

Join me for a blistering tale of endurance, a festival poster fetching thousands and – l ask – is Rule Britannia just plain old fashioned jingoism?

Some of the things l am talking about as we head towards the end of the month.

PS. That’s Iford Manor and Gardens – not Ilford. It’s the time of day – my only excuse.

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  1. I heard what you said about being politically correct regarding certain prom songs Richard and I know & understand the thoughts behind the said words…but the same applies to lots of hymns too, they are just such good songs and tunes, we don’t actually mean or believe what we are singing. Just as looking at paintings which could be a war scene that have Slaves depicted but not white washed over… where do we draw the line…We all know this was the past and how we actually think today in our new generation of more enlightened peoples! By singing these songs it can show how wrong things were and how far we now are from then… only my opinion! Every thought has two sides…

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