A grumble about the crumble.

Today’s Wyatt’s Walk took me into Bath to question why there seems to be so little interest in attending to repairs at some of the city’s key heritage points.

While COVID 19 may well have disrupted things currently, there was not much going on before the virus struck!

We make money from our visible history so shouldn’t we look after it?

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  1. Totally agree with you. All heritage honestly admitted to, is important both for transparency and also, even if reduced, for now, tourism. Not excessive tourism that made it unpleasant to come to Bath, pre-pandemic, at times, but a busier safer time in two or three years from now.

    It’s a shame you are not on a panel of advisers, with teeth. We will look back in years to come with a lot of regret, and maybe shame, at how the pandemic and other things were used as a smokescreen to devalue our society further.


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