1. Hi Richard,
    Re your thoughts on looking after the Heritage of Bath, I am constantly bewildered as to why the Council doesn’t see the link between well maintained city streets and buildings and the city’s reputation and attractiveness to visitors. Surely it must make good « business » sense to look after the very things that earn you money! Sometimes when I walk into town, along the London Road/Walcot Street or the Paragon, I am frankly ashamed to see how poorly kept the public realm is and this Is added to by the sight of rubbish bags and bins cluttering up the front doors and historic railings. Historic cities in say France are by contrast run efficiently and surfaces are kept swept and clean.
    I have two points. Firstly re maintenance it is well understood that a «  stitch in time saves nine ». It truly grieves me, as a conservation professional (retired), that the message of the long term saving benefits of regular basic maintenance and repairs still hasn’t got through to owners of historic buildings and the Council in particular. Secondly- how about a small tourist tax like they have in France – surely this would not cause any drop in visitors!
    Jacky Wilkinson

  2. I entirely agree with all Jacky Williamson has said. I often notice and wonder why the city fabric isn’t maintained better. One little extra thing that annoys me is the number of outdated notices left tied to bits of street furniture or just the plastic ties. This is just another form of litter!

  3. The worst offender was the ‘Sky Ride’ cycling event, which attached bright yellow notices to many lamp posts in the city centre months in advance.

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