Stairway to heaven.

Thursday morning and l was up and about as usual for my early walk.

With nothing much to say at that point – and with a trip into town on the cards – l thought l would wait until the bike was safely locked up on its stand outside the Guildhall and pop around to Abbey Church Yard to tell you a story.

PS Shows how rusty l am. As has been pointed out the king defeated was Richard 111 not Edward!


  1. Interesting talk about the abbey today, but I have a couple of points about what you said.
    Firstly, it was Richard III that Henry Tudor defeated at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 (not Edward III).
    Secondly, the story that I heard about the angels on the staircase is that the bible passage about Jacob’s dream described angels ascending and descending between earth and heaven. They could easily show the angels ascending but they had a problem about how to be explicit about the angels descending. The way that they settled on was to show one angel on each side coming down head first. In that way it was more obvious that they angels were going in both directions.

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