Email record for Bath MP

Bath’s MP Wera Hobhouse has dealt with 4,301 individual casework inquiries since the beginning of this year – and the requests for help keep on coming.

Last month turned out to be was the busiest ever correspondence month in the MP’s office, with her team receiving 2,158 emails in June alone.

The majority of them have been about the pandemic and the impact it has had on people in Bath. The topics have been hugely varied as many people have found themselves impacted in different ways.

Since being elected in 2017, Hobhouse has closed a total of almost 20,000 cases, helping Bath residents with a diverse range of questions and issues.

Wera Hobhouse said:

“Casework is an important way for me to stay in touch with the challenges that people are facing in Bath, and the impact of this Government’s policy on people’s lives. Many people are struggling and I am pleased with what my team and I have achieved over the past six months.

The sheer volume of correspondence shows how much the Government has failed to effectively communicate to real people about their Covid-19 strategy. My team and I can only ever do so much. In Westminster I am working hard to raise the issues that people in Bath care about with central Government.

Covid-19 is has changed everything and turned many lives upside down. I am fighting to ensure that the Government supports those who are most vulnerable in our city and that our local authority has the resources they need to keep our community strong.”

You can contact Wera’s office by emailing, by phoning 01225 307024, or by writing to Wera Hobhouse MP, 31 James Street West, Bath BA12BT.